Stoopid Froot's roots began in a small town garage in North Carolina with two young adults trying to make their mark on the world. Both were creative, talented, and knew they didn't want the mundane life of going to work, paying bills and just existing. We knew that we, along with the rest of our generation were destined for much much more than the options the system has laid in front of us. We launched Stoopid Froot as a free form of expression in our small conservative town so that we can represent the counterculture in a way that was subtle in its meaning but eye catching in its designs.

Thanks to our Grassroot following the SF Brand has traveled all around the world from the Great wall of China to Cali, down to Brazil and more. Through the generosity of our early fan base we have also been exposed to Artists such as Datsik, Big KRIT, Wiz Khalifa, G. Love and more.

S.F. is about free expression, being able to showcase who you are and what you do in a way that the mainstream doesn't recognize. We all use this as a shield to support our togetherness, and one love to show the masses we are here, and we intend to make a difference bigger and better than the generations before.

SF targets 18-30+ from the streets to the suburbs, the disenfranchised youth of the nation and the rebels without a cause. We correlate with the underground and offer mutually beneficial projects to underground artists and athletes to gain spotlight through collaborations whether it be a music video, fashion show or an extreme sport competition. S.F. is by the people and for the people, it isn't just one thing it is everything, it is everyone. The many colors of our OG Berry represent backgrounds, cultures, races, perspectives. but we are all unified under one bud. The bud of inspiration that has lead so many down the path of righteousness and unfiltered artistic ability.

Stoopid Froot is the best of the best from the natural and organic underground culture too often neglected by the majority. When you put on a SF tee you are aligning yourself with the free thinkers and anyone who challenges the status quo.